Thursday, June 18, 2009


If i knew that was our last time we met as a special one,i would never let you gi and stay here with me until now.
Tears have fallen to my face.
That is consequencies of my decision.
Honestly,what i said is the opposite what i want.
I don't force you ti understand me.
I know it's too hard for you.
Now,you are find your own way to reach the true love.
Here,i stay and looking for the chance to chase you again.
Poor me!
I'll scream inside the pillow to say i love you that the thing i said yet before.
I don't know what i'm feeling,but i always thingking of you every voyage that i take.
Every tones appears from my mobile i always hope that is is you give me some better inform.
Do you feel same as me? Or you too busy to wonder about me.
You'd rather chasing your girl before.
You're succes to let me down.
I need you,pleaaaassseeee don't forget our memories.
Thank you for everything,i'm not sad because it's over,but i'm happy because it happened :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


TOO MUCH DRAMA,hahahahahahahahaha
it's not me for love affair,sorry

my first own song that really match with my condition right now


For the first time
That just one word mean it
Sweet .. yeah mean it
You did anything i want

Without complaint out from your mouth
Chase me Until appear the green lights
Yeah .. to be your lady,dude!
To be your the one,dude!
Those three magic words,ILY ILY ILY,ilove you!

When the condition has switched
My turn to chase you
You begin to far from me
Forgetting all the things that you've done

You're such a big loser
I want you to complete
Complete your responsi

NB: any idea for the title? please give some advices

i won't let you go

for the first time i did something nice with the first person.
hmmm .. ya i didn't regret about that.
after that,i heard that news. but i still confused for sad or smile heard that.
i'm scared if he want to let me go,and has the daily activities without me.
please don't be a jerk for me .. to be honest if i know the condition will be like this,i won't begin all the things from the first time we closed.
in fact,they are right said that if BOYS like girls from 100% to 0%,but if GIRLS like boys from 0% to 100%.
please,reply my message this afternoon. i'll wait. tell me if i have mistake to you.
i just can't belive if you change your mind immeditialy. i'm sorry,i just the girl who's negative thoughts. i wrote this notes just want to sharing,because i can't sharing this with my friends in my real life. now,the condition is unpredictable,especially you. i don't wanna be drama queen.
i don't like it before. but when i was closed to you,i felt the world suddenly stopped when the broken hearted came. i wish that won't happen.

Monday, May 18, 2009

finally i can bought this zebra legging!

love this so much!

full face

red tie and soft blue dress

colourful enough

beatles box!

this is me! :D


vote for OBAMA!